Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Found Milk

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"If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door."

I'm going to a special screening of Milk at the Grove in LA this Tuesday, November 25, 2008. We're lucky enough to get an introduction from producer, Dan Jinks.

If you happen to be in the theatre with me tonight, you might find one of these images I made of Harvey Milk. I'm hoping you took the time to visit my blog, in order that you can share a little of your story.

If you care to, would you list your image number (oops! I was in a hurry and forgot to number them) and your name? I'd like to know what your thoughts are on whatever issue you'd like to speak. Also, please mention what you were thinking when you found the image. Did you know you were supposed to take it? Let's hear your story. Have at it!

Credit to Joe Sanchez for encouraging me to leave art around for people to find. I know others are doing it as well. I have another image in the works that I will be dropping soon.

I'm calling all the various pieces "Dropped and Found."


Tony said...
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Tony said...

I saw "MILK" tonight at the GROVE - I was blown away - thanks Dayna, Lambda Legal and F.A.I.R. for organizing the event!

The film was moving, timely and really makes me want to take a stand. We all need to start the dialogue around equal rights, be it gay, straight, black or white. These are the civil rights we are promised in our state and federal constitution. California is a big state, and the small states fear what happens here in CA. What starts in CA, spreads across the country. California is a trendsetter from entertainment, fashion and yes, now our civil rights.

We all need to take a stand, join together - individuals and small groups can turn into massive organized rallies. We saw the rallies here in LA at Hollywood/Highland, Mormon Temple, Westwood, Santa Monica, Silverlake, and downtown. We all need to join the effort and continue the fight.

Those not OUT, need to take a stand and tell their stories. Don't be afraid. The more of us "they" know, the less afraid and the less unaware "they" will be. We are REAL people too.

HOPE can bring CHANGE! CHANGE is what we DESERVE. Each of us can bring change to California, and the rest of this great nation.

p.s. - The Harvey Milk wooden cut-out I found tonight is very cool. A momento, a piece of art, and it opened up a conversation. I look forward to read other comments on this site. And, thank you.

Mike C. said...

Tony, thanks for commenting, and I'm glad you found the artwork.

The message from this movie was undeniably positive. I find the same message in your statement, "The more of us 'they' know, the less afraid and the less unaware 'they' will be."

I think that's key.