Saturday, November 15, 2008

All That and a Bag of . . .

Yeah, that expression is quite old. What of it?!?!?

Here we have an unnamed student modeling a bag made for my good friend, Marcella. This bag was tailored after another purse Norma showed me. I did lengthen the bottom by several inches. This gave it a nicer scale than the original one I was shown. Very simple construction; but still, it has a warm quality about it.

The patches work nicely together even though they came from separate estate sales. I had been saving the Camp Norris patch for a while until the leather "Honor Cabin" and "Hiking" came along. Those things are the greatest!

It's difficult to tell, but the strap is double wide and opens up to reveal the same greenish lining of the purse. I love how the red/black/grey checker squares are reminiscent of the old Coleman sleeping bags we had in our family. It ties in perfectly with the outdoors theme of this purse.

More bags to come. I'll be installing a magnetic clasp and an inside pocket for a cell phone. Last month, I purchased the best vintage fabric ever! I added almost 40 large pieces to my collection and they are ALL amazingly cool. Can't wait to show you!


Dan said...

CHIPS! A bag of chips is the answer teacher.

Nice looking bags there Mike and the patches are simply awesome! Most people would think they were a heluva find but not know what to do with them. I guess your pack rat ways serve you well. And I mean that in the nicest way.

Great work.

Tyn said...

Super bag-and the patches are the perfect touch! Is it legal to make your students model for you?