Sunday, December 28, 2008

Analog Hand

I just made this for my sister, Erin.

Cedar fence posts seem to be a favorite material of mine. You can find some interesting grain and it's cheap as hell. Now that I have a working Craftsmen belt sander, I'm able to smooth them out quite quickly. I've gotten tons of use out of this sander in the past 2 weeks.

Roughing out the fingers on a band saw is easy. I get everything about the size I want and start shaping things over on the sander. (It's on a stand.) I can get all the detail you see here with the belt sander. In the future, I'll try working with a Dremel, but I'm not really looking to make this perfect. It fits more with the story in my head, to keep this as imperfect.

Oddly, I didn't explain this story to anyone who saw the hand in person. While constructing this piece, I had quickly imagined a person in the future needing a bionic hand. Not having the money nor resources, they were outfitted with this second-rate hand constructed of old electronics and discarded wood. At first glance many think the hand is decorated with beads. These are actually old analog electronic resistors.